Uplift Clearinghouse

The Uplift Clearinghouse

The Uplift Clearinghouse is a service available to Audrain County churches and agency partners. By creating personal, Christ-centered relationships between volunteers and individuals in need, we can join together to combat underlying problems and work towards sustainable lifestyle goals for our clients.

Uplift Clearinghouse is centered around Church referrals.

We want to ensure Churches have an opportunity to connect with individuals in our community that are in need. Many Churches lack the infrastructure needed to address core issues behind assistance requests. By being the contact point for the Uplift Clearinghouse, churches are able to have face time with individuals in need and remain involved in their experience from start to finish.

Uplift works with clients to determine need and eligibility.

We’re a little different than most organizations, because we don’t automatically distribute funds to clients. We are interested in finding the root cause of the need, in order to ensure a sustainable outcome. By interacting with our clients on a personal level, we are able to dig into the areas of their life where they are most dissatisfied and identify 1-3 goals to address core issues.

Clients work with volunteer coaches to meet their goals.

Sometimes clients are just in a bad spot due to circumstances. Other times, there are root causes that create repeated headaches in their life. It is our job to investigate those issues and work with the client to create solutions. By utilizing existing community resources, volunteer skills & talents, and valuable connections, we can walk with them through the process.


Here are some general guidelines we use to determine if a person qualifies for assistance:

  • Must be an Audrain County Resident
  • Must be on the lease or account requiring assistance
  • Must have sustainable income (we essentially want to see a balanced, not a negative budget)
    • If the client doesn’t have sustainable income, mentorship is offered in the following areas:
      • Budget
      • Career
      • Resource Acquisition
  • Household must not have received financial assistance from Uplift in the past calendar year.
  • For security deposit assistance, household may only receive this kind of assistance once.

See what real Uplift clients & partners have to say:

Thank you, what a great help you have been for me. God continue to bless you.”

Uplift Mid-MO Client

“I have truly enjoyed working with you. You have changed my life.”

Uplift Mid-MO Client

Uplift provided the first domino which set off a chain reaction that resulted in a great success of getting a Veteran a forever home. Thanks for all you do to help in the community…”

Uplift Mid-MO Agency Partner

By providing a one-time or monthly gift, you can make it all possible.

Is your church interested in becoming involved?

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