Heat & AC Repair Assistance

Uplift Mid-MO Heating & Cooling Assistance

We understand that heating & cooling repairs can be costly. Missouri weather can be very harsh nonetheless. Uplift Mid-MO is proud to offer the following service to Audrain County Residents:

  • Heating & AC Unit Repair Cost-Sharing Assistance up to $300 per household
  • OR if repair is not feasible: up to five space heaters or two window AC units per home for homes with non-working heat/AC units.

 Qualifying Information:

  • Home must be in Audrain County.
  • Heating Unit Assistance offered during the months of December-March.
  • Cooling Unit Assistance offered during the months of July-August.
  • Application must be submitted by the homeowner of the property.
  • Repairs must be verified and completed by a certified Audrain County Heating/Cooling Contractor.
  • Funding is on a first-come, first-served basis.
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